Corvette ZR1 In-Car Video

The General has released the in-car footage of the Corvette ZR-1 lapping the Nurburgring in 7:26.4, hitting 180 mph on the 12.9-mile straight and beating out the Z06's time, set in 2005 by Jan Magnussen by almost 17 seconds. Jim Mero is behind the wheel and just as a reminder; the lap was done on the same Michelin Pilot Sport 2s as the production model, and retains the same ride height, engine calibrations and emissions equipment, along with running pump gas.
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Ferrari 360 Modena Racing in Iran

Car: Ferrari 360 Modena
Story: Professional racing photos, only seen at Iran Supercars website. Merci to Mehdi and his photographer Alireza Behpour inside Iran.
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Ferrari F430 in Northern Iran (pics & video)

Car: Ferrari F360
City: Shomal (the square beside "babol sar")
Story: Exclusive photos only at Iran Supercars website. This car had exhaust problems when it started its engine. There is a sticker on the back of the car that says "kianfar art center." Merci to Reza Choopankareh.

Car: Ferrari F430
City: Tehran
Story: Same car as in the photos cruising the downtown streets.
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